Aman is Safe..Let Us Stay Safe

An exposure detection app that notifies users if they have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient.

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Your privacy is safe, too..

Prioritised - Encrypted - Anonymised

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AMAN Protects You, your Loved Ones & Your Country

Download AMAN App - Everyone has a role to play in containing COVID-19. AMAN alerts you and your families in case of being exposed to the virus. Downloading AMAN is a moral obligation towards yourself and your country.

AMAN Protects Your Businesses, Employees & Income

AMAN reduces the spread of COVID-19 amongst your employees. Encourage them to download it! Current research indicates that we need 55% of the population to download AMAN for it to be effective in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and easing lockdown.

AMAN Protects Your Privacy

AMAN is a community-based initiative. AMAN does not ask you for any personally identifiable information. All data is saved on your phone only and nobody can access it.

How AMAN Works

AMAN works on two interconnected levels:

Firstly, the App operates by saving user location data, exclusively on the user’s phone, to examine and compare the movements of users in parallel to those of Coronavirus carriers identified by the Ministry of Health...

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How does the App protect my personal data?

The privacy of your data is our number one priority. AMAN design follows a decentralized approach for data storage. Therefore, AMAN stores data only on your device, not on a central database. Also, AMAN does not request any personal information or data that could lead to your identification or to breaching your privacy. For more on Data Privacy, please click here.

How will the App protect me and those around me?

AMAN protects you by keeping you notified of any overlaps that might occur between you and another user later diagnosed with COVID-19. For instance, when a user is diagnosed with COVID-19, the App allows that user to retrace her/his movements, which are stored as location data, for the 14 days preceding diagnosis. This retractable data saved solely on the user’s phone includes information such as dates, times, and places of presence. Upon consent, the diagnosed user then exports and shares the stored location data with the Ministry of Health who in turn will anonymously notify other users with a potential likelihood of exposure to the virus and encourage them to take the necessary steps to ensure their wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of those around them.

How will the data saved on my phone be used?

There will be ONLY one use of your data. In cases where a user tests positive for COVID-19, the user/patient, and upon her/his consent, can anonymously export and share the encrypted data stored on the phone with the Ministry of Health. There, an authorised staff member will access the Ministry’s portal and send the anonymous location data to all App users across Jordan.

Our Partners

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