A Privacy-Conscious App

Prioritised - Encrypted - Anonymised

The privacy of your data is our number one priority. Therefore, AMAN only stores data on your device and does not request any personal information or data that could lead to your identification or to breaching your privacy.

The data stored on your phone will be used for the sole purpose of tracking and containing the spread of COVID-19 and is erased and reset every 14 days. To maintain your privacy, restoring or retrieving previously stored data sets will not be attainable.

Data stored on your device via GPS, and in upcoming versions through Bluetooth, is encrypted and is never identifiable by other nearby or far away devices or parties. Similarly, your device and its geolocation are regularly anonymised.

Even in cases where a user tests positive for COVID-19, the data saved on the patient/user’s phone continues to be owned by the said user. However, the patient, and upon her/his consent, can anonymously export and share the encrypted data stored on the phone with the Ministry of Health. There, only the authorised staff will access the Ministry’s portal and send the anonymous location data to all App users across Jordan. Those who happened to be in the vicinity of the COVID-19 positive user will receive a notification without knowing anything about the patient or her/his identity.

All data about your locations and wireless networks (WIFI) is only stored via SQLite Database on your device and is not stored somewhere else. Only if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, the Ministry of Health will ask for your consent to send them, via the “Export Location Data” button, your location data in the last (14) days, in order to notify who may have come in contact with you. In such a case, the data you share will be securely stored on the Ministry's servers. 

The App stores this type of data about the user on her/his phone: Location history (dates and times) according to the location services in the last (14) days, history of wireless networks (WIFI) that you came across in the last (14) days, and location intersections with verified patients (if any). Everything is stored in the memory of your device only.

Finally, your data is yours, and our priority at AMAN is to keep it yours. However, if you decide to retract your consent at any point, you can do so by uninstalling the application.

Our Partners

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