About AMAN

As part of Jordan’s integrated COVID-19 control strategy, AMAN is a privacy-conscious, exposure detection App that allows coronavirus positive people to anonymously notify their recent person-to-person contacts using digital technology.

This App has been developed for Jordan's Ministry of Health by COVID-19 JOTECH COMMUNITY, a group of tech-savvy volunteers who aim to leverage Jordan’s tech talent in fighting the coronavirus pandemic by:

  • 1) Providing the Government of Jordan (GoJ) with the necessary support by delivering research, consulting and execution capabilities.
  • 2) Ensuring that GoJ is well-informed about the current use of technology and data around the world and adapting it to the Jordanian context.
  • 3) Resourcing volunteers and partners to support GoJ in the execution of technological initiatives.


AMAN App is an exposure detection App that would make contact tracing faster and more resource-efficient, thus containing the spread of the virus and ensuring the safety of its users, their families, their society, and the country as a whole.

Contact tracing via exposure detection Apps is a proven method to help contain the spread of infectious diseases. The aim is to inform the relevant contacts of infected cases as quickly as possible about the possibility of infection, in order for the right measures to be taken in a timely manner. In the case of COVID-19, a large proportion of transmissions occur through droplets that travel only over a certain distance (about 2 metres). Thus, “contacts” are people that may have been exposed to the virus in this way, through physical proximity.

The number of countries around the world endorsing and implementing contact tracing apps as part of their COVID-19 containment strategy is on the rise, to include Bahrain, India, Singapore, South Korea, Iceland, Norway, Australia and the United Arab Emirates amongst others.

How AMAN Works

AMAN works on two interconnected levels. Firstly, the App operates by saving user location data, exclusively on the user’s phone, to examine and compare the movements of users in parallel to those of Coronavirus carriers identified by the Ministry of Health. Should a locational overlap occur between users and Coronavirus carriers later identified as patients, AMAN alerts its users about a possible exposure to the virus and provides instructions about home isolation and contacting authorities.

Secondly, should a user be diagnosed with Coronavirus, retracing the user’s movements in the 14 days prior to their diagnosis would be attainable and easily accessible through AMAN which provides information such as dates, times, and places. This functionality aids in notifying other users who happened to be in the vicinity of the diagnosed patient, which ultimately expedites diagnosis and controls the spread of the virus.

Our Partners

This work has been made possible by the generous intellectual and financial contribution of: